Products & Services

Hadlo Technologies provides full range of Voice over IP wholesale origination, termination, call peering and value added services. We offer carrier services that accommodate all types of VoIP and UC service providers, voice with any type of endpoint methods and many types of interconnection from very simple to sophisticated Ethernet connectivity and VPN tunnels.

We are committed to providing carriers with the best support available. That includes 24/7 Tier I and II support from technical experts.

Hadlo Technologies’ voice optimized IP network can handle your business volume and wholesale carrier-to-carrier volume.

Voice Origination Services

Our local network has robust and redundant direct network connections to our carrier peers to provide you with a more reliable inbound voice service with superior quality for your UC voice, OTT voice, conferencing, contact center, call analytic or any other voice application you can dream up. Our Inbound Voice service will simplify your operational tasks with number ordering, number porting, managing your trunks and applying enhanced services such as CNAM. Inbound Toll-Free service offers large enterprises and service providers a robust and reliable service designed to support scalable voice applications such as conferencing, contact center and call analytics. To maximize savings Hadlo provides the ability to least cost route (LCR) calls across multiple providers and originate toll-free calls. Regardless of the service option you choose, the Hadlo Inbound Toll-Free service will route U.S., Canada, and U.S. Territory calls across our robust voice backbone to your application servers via geo-redundant SBC nodes.

Voice Termination Services

Robust voice termination services that will support your conversational, dialer and international calling needs. For Wireless Carriers, MSOs, IXCs and Communication Service Providers looking for a conversational outbound voice service to support their varying economic, operational and regulatory needs, Hadlo offers a suite of high-quality outbound voice services. The quality of these services is based on the depth of our direct connects, and the redundancy of our network. Our customers experience low PDD, high ASR, and high NER statistics. based on our published flat rates or NPANXX rate decks. We offer flat rate, NPA/NXX, and LATA/OCN pricing as well as Complete A-Z We also offer Reciprocal Compensation on Toll-Free Termination calls sent to Hadlo.